We have decided to end our Game Hosting and Discord Bot Hosting services, effective April 5th, 2021. You will no longer be able to purchase these services. For more information, please contact support.


High-end game hosting with brand-new hardware on the bleeding edge of gaming performance.
Examples of games you can host: Minecraft, Rust, Grand Theft Auto V, and Garry's Mod

Safe from DDoS attacks

2 layers of L4 DDoS protection stop most attacks at the edge before they reach our datacenters. At the datacenter, we have on-sie Corero hardware that starts scrubbing packets as soon as it suspects malicious traffic. If you need even more protection, we have Cloudflare Spectrum options.

Dallas, TX & Tampa, FL

Dallas has great routing to the rest of the US thanks to our peering with other national datacenters. Tampa, FL has amazing connectivity to the eastern US while being well-connected to Europe and the rest of the US.

The best specs

Your data is safe with our redundant NVMe SSD storage, complete with fast memory at a whopping speed of 2933MHz and the best CPUs on the market. Server go brrrrr.

Beloved customer support

We pride ourselves on our quick response and resolution times. No matter what, we try to make things right with our clients, so don't ever hesitate to open a ticket.


Ryzen 7 5800X CPU
1 Off-site backup per GB
1 vCore per 8GB RAM

$ 2.40 per GB, monthly
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Ryzen 9 5900X CPU
1 Off-site backup per GB
1 vCore per 5GB RAM

$ 2.70 per GB, monthly


Ryzen 9 5950X CPU
1 Off-site backup per GB
1 vCore per 4GB RAM

$ 3.40 per GB, monthly
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Looking for even more network protection?
We also have Cloudflare DDoS protection, starting at $5/TB. Great for Minecraft and our other services. Contact us to learn more.