Privacy Policy

Last updated Feb 25, 2021

THIS PRIVACY POLICY: ("policy") refers to ByteAnia Hosting owned and operated by ByteAnia Holdings Ltd. with registration number: SC718641 a duly registered company under the laws of the United Kingdom with full compliance to the EU General Data Protection Regulations with registered and nominated physical address at 20-23 Woodside Place, Glasgow, G3 7QL, United Kingdom.

THEREFORE, this privacy policy is designed to help you better understand what type of personal information we collect, might collect and use in order to manage and operate our respective services, the policy is also designed to inform you what your rights are in respect to the personal information we hold.

AS SUCH; this policy has been amended and adopted as of the 24th of February 2021.

1. Visitors from outside the European Union.

Do note we are a company duly registered in the United Kingdom and as such comply with the regulations of the United Kingdom and the European Union, as such when you visit our website, make a purchase and or interact with us your personal information are transferred to our servers, your interaction and purchase is regarded as consent to do such, also by doing so you agree to use the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom and agree to abide by the applicable laws.

Although our site complies with all the regulations of the United Kingdom and the EU , if you believe that the site is unlawful in your jurisdiction, please do not make use of our services and or interactions.

2. Visitors under the age of eighteen ("Children")

Here at ByteAnia we take the safety of every person seriously, and for children even more seriously, as such ByteAnia will not collect any personal information of children under the age of thirteen (13) nor are children under the age of thirteen (13) allowed to make use of our services, make purchases and or interact with us. ByteAnia will never willingly collect information from children under the age of thirteen (13), if we do become aware of such personal information collection, we will terminate the applicable account effective immediately and delete any of their respective data.

3. The Share or Sale of Data to third parties.

Under no circumstances will your data ever be sold to any unaffiliated third parties, your data shall remain confidential at all times between company leaders, employees and official agents who is under contract with the company to ensure the safety of your data.

4. Information we collect.

Here at ByteAnia we only collect data you willingly choose to share with us.

As such we collect the following data:

1. Newsletter signups

We collect your respective Name, Surname and Email Address.

2. Membership signups/login.

We collect your Name, Surname, Physical address, Payment processing platform (Such as PayPal), your IP login, Country of Origin, Age, Phone Number, and any other information necessary for billing.

3. All Site visitors (Non-Members and Members)

We automatically collect visitor information by use of Cookies, Web Beacons, browser types, operating system, google analytics (what webpages of us you visit, how long you visit it, what options you interact with), IP address.

4. Marketing related information.

We may also collect when you receive marketing emails, or communication, when you clicked our marketing material, why you clicked it, what the next steps were, time spent and any information shared with us by the applicable marketing platform (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube)

5. How and why this information.

In short, we use this information to update our services, run analytics, provide new services, ensure safety and security, run business performance checks.

However, here's a more in depth list.

  1. To provide better services to you, communicate, and fulfil your orders and create better customer relationships.

  2. Provide tailor content, better marketing material, personalize help and instructions, personalized browsing habits.

  3. To help us better understand user access, individualize basic site performance.

  4. Manage and operate business analytics and user geographical areas to expand business operations.

  5. To help us better comply with applicable laws, judicial proceedings, summonses and other legal processes and or government authority.

  6. To protect the right, safety and property of ByteAnia.

6. Securing and processing, and handling your information.

We will only ever process information you have shared with us, and such information is essential for our operations, so safety is a major concern, thus we will NEVER sell, distribute, lease or rent your personal information to any unauthorised third party, or when we are so required to do by law.

We have placed internal policies to ensure your data remains confidential, all our employees are under strict employment contracts that ensures your safety and the data you provide is managed with care, our agents (also known as contractors) are required to sign an extensive Non-Disclosure agreement to ensure your data where shared with them and or where they have access to is properly used and kept safe.

7. Modifying your information.

As a member of our site, you can access your information from your membership profile and update the required information, it is essential you ensure it is updated, if you can't do it yourself reach out to [email protected] and we can help.

8. Contact us for compliments or complaints.

We understand, sometimes you're just not happy and we want to make sure your complaints are listened to, or maybe you have something nice to say, we'd love to hear!

THUS: we have a designated email line for you to contact – [email protected] we will respond back to every complaint regarding your privacy within 30 days of receipt thereof as required by law, we may respond back sooner.